Data Backup, Data Recovery

Your business network is not complete without a reliable and dependable data backup solution. The loss of critical business data can mean the loss of business, clients and profits. Protecting your business's information with a structured data backup solution, will allow your business to recover quickly from any type of data loss scenario.

Some common causes of data loss include:

 Computer and Laptop Theft
 Fire or Water Damage
 Accidental File/ Folder Deletion
 Computer Hardware Failure
 Virus/ Spyware Infection

ECNETSERV can design and maintain a data backup and recovery solution customized for your business. We offer complete data and application backup solutions so your business can quickly recover from data loss. Backups are the most important aspect of your network, let ECNETSERV design and implement the right solution for you.

Data Recovery, File Recovery

ECNETSERV offers complete data recovery and file recovery services to help you when you are missing important files. If you have accidently deleted important data, or a hardware failure has made your hard drive inaccesible, we can help.

We can recover files in most situations:
 Accidental File Deletion
 Reformatted Hard Drive
 Hardware Failure
 Reinstallation of Windows

If you feel you have accidently deleted important files, call us immediately. The longer you wait, and the more you use your computer, the harder it is to recover data. Our on-site technicans will come to you and help find that missing data.

Remote Data Backup - Off Site Backup

ECNETSERV also offers 128-bit SSL encryption on-line backup solutions for businesses.

 $9.95 per Server per month
 $7.50 per 5 GB block per month

Automatic scheduled backups are performed after hours to save bandwidth and ensure you have fast accurate backups while your business does not slow down.